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Waters MassTrak Online SPE Analyzer can be used for both routine SPE sample preparation and SPE method development for ACQUITY UPLC® and ACQUITY® TQD based LC/MS assays for in vitro diagnostic use.

The system automates every step in SPE sample preparation and LC/MS analysis. Sample preparation by SPE is fully integrated with the LC/MS system, so that after sample preparation is complete, samples are eluted and applied directly to the LC/MS analytical column for analysis without the need for manual intervention.
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BUCHI introduces the innovative PrepChrom C-700 chromatography system, combining flash chromatography with preparative HPLC. Bridging the gap between them, the C-700 sets a new standard for purification of synthesis mixtures or complex natural extracts.
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Every day, air-displacement pipets are used to quantitatively dispense sample and reagent aliquots for reaction, routine analyses, and specialized tests.
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Finnpipette™Novus i Multichannel Electronic Pipette
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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PPCO Centrifuge Bottles, 500 mL
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Bench-Top High Voltage Power Supply
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Benchtop Micro-ESR™ Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer
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CellIQ CO2 Incubator
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Featured Product
Panasonic's VIP® -86°C ultra-low temperature freezers combines refrigeration, control, alarm configuration, monitoring and accessibility. Providing ...
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Featured Video
Don Sackett, CEO and Co-Founder of SciAps, showcased at Pittcon 2014 the Z, the first handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer. The Z LIBS Analyzer provides complete elemental analysis and determination from hydrogen to uranium....
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Featured Event
Join Joshua Nicklay, PhD, Demo Chemist (Thermo Fisher Scientific) and Eric Niederkofler, Ph.D., R&D Manager (Thermo Fisher Scientific) in this webinar to examine affinity purification and MS analysis of therapeutic antibodies from plasma – ...
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Intelligent Tool for Optical Inspection
Thermo Fisher Scientific and Nuclea Biotechnologies Collaborate to Accelerate Translation of Multiplexed Methods to Quantify Type 2 Diabetes Markers
Malvern Instruments to acquire MicroCal business from GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Valve Automation from VICI Valco
High Volume Microplates
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