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This guide provides detailed method parameters for drugs of abuse testing, from sample prep through column selection and mass spec analysis. Focusing on the LC/MS workflow, it includes an overview of key protocols and tips for working with specific analytes. Get yours now.
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Gas chromatography (GC), much like liquid chromatography (LC), is used to separate compounds by sending a mixture through a column with which the constituent compounds differentially interact, detecting them as they emerge. But while “LC compounds tend to be polar and usually in the liquid phase, GC compounds tend to be nonpolar or of low polarity, and tend to have cooler boiling points,
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Based on patented magnetic particle technology, the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ nucleic acid purification systems enables automated, high speed purification of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), protein, and cells from your samples. Select among 4 systems ...
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Leica DMshare
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ZEISS MERLIN Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes
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Epsilon 3 XLE EDXRF Spectrometer
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VERSA 1100 Solid Phase Extraction Workstation
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Ovation M Mechanical Volume-set Pipette
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  The new dispersive 1064 Raman spectrometer family from Bayspec features the Nomadic™ Raman Microscope; RamSpec™ 1064 Raman spectrometer; MovingLab™ Raman Microscope; and Agility™ 1064 Raman Analyzer. 1064 Raman is a nondestructive, powerful technique that requires little sample preparation. 1064 Raman remains the same regardless of the excitation wavelength, reduces fluorescence interference, and serves as a cost-effective alternative for FT-Raman. The 1064 Raman spectrometer family has ...
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World Forensic Festival, we honor to host the 20th World Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS 2014), the 6th Asian Forensic Sciences Network Annual Meeting & Symposium (AFSN 2014) and 5th Meeting of Asia Pacific Medico-...
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QIAGEN Receives FDA Approval of Therascreen® KRAS RGQ PCR Kit Paired with Second Colorectal Cancer Drug
Ultra Low Temperature Freezers: Safe Storage of Human Tissue Samples From Toxicology Studies
Revolutionary ion-source technology receives official recognition
Andor iXon 860 EMCCD powers direct video recording of Cell Signalling Complexes
Inventor of AFM-IR technique to receive the prestigious Ernst Abbe Memorial Award for pioneering field of nanoscale IR Spectroscopy
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