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PeakInvestigator™ software from Veritomyx provides 3x resolution for your mass analyzer, deconvolving hidden peaks for faster and more accurate compositional identifications.
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Visit Veritomyx at ASMS 2014 in booth #32 to see how we can improve your mass-spec resolution by 3x and sensitivity by 2x. Learn how PeakInvestigator™ software yielded 26-36% more quantitatively usable patient results from a clinical study cohort. Also see our corporate poster, “PeakInvestigator™: Software to Improve the Precision, Resolution, and Sensitivity of your Mass Analyzer,” showing these improvements in real-world examples.

PeakInvestigator software applies advanced signal processing algorithms to reveal important hidden data in raw (profile) spectra. This accelerates researchers to correct biomolecular identifications, improving R&D effectiveness while saving time and money. Delivering higher resolution and more sensitive results, PeakInvestigator software accelerates effective R&D across a wide range of mass spectrometric applications.

Whether you’re discovering the next biomarker, performing metabolite identifications, characterizing complex proteins, or trying to quantify two or more nearly isobaric species, PeakInvestigator processing can boost the resolution and sensitivity of your mass analyzer, save money on your next instrument purchase, and deliver valuable leverage to your R&D investment.

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PeakInvestigator™ deconvolution and centroiding software reveals and precisely deconvolves overlapping (nearly isobaric) peaks that your current mass analyzer and software cannot detect, effectively tripling resolution while doubling sensitivity. PeakInvestigator delivers up to 10-fold improvements in mass and abundance precision across a wide dynamic range when deconvolving previously hidden overlapped peaks.

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veritomyx® - Accuracy matters.  Peakinvestigator™ Triple the resolution of your Mass Analyzer!