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Precellys Tissue Homogenizers

Special offer! Enjoy 10% off on all Precellys® instruments. Visit us at booth #17 to discover the full range of Tissue Homogenizers. This offer is available for US visitors only.

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Bertin Technologies

Booth # 17

Bertin Technologies offers a diverse product portfolio to scientists and researchers aimed at improving sample processing efficiency in the lab, maintaining high reproducibility between sample sets, and generating high quality data.

VIDEOThe Precellys line of homogenizers offers scientists an innovative solution that is designed to optimize the critical steps during sample preparation and decreases sample processing time. Our high-throughput tissue homogenizer is designed to handle up to 24 samples at one time, and 90% of samples can be homogenized in less than a minute. Watch the video

Precellys offers a patented tube-locking system for ultimate laboratory safety. Downstream applications include: protein, drug, metabolite,DNA and RNA extraction from a myriad of different sample types. We have an extensive web-based Applications Center with optimized Precellys protocols for the homogenization of human or animal tissues, lysing of micro-organisms, or grinding of hard samples such as hair or bone.

The Precellys family includes Cryolys for thermally sensitive samples. Cryolys is a patented cooling system that prevents the increase of temperature during lysis thus enhancing the efficiency of molecular extraction by maintaining temperature at approximately 4 C during homogenization.

Minilys homogenizer is the only compact personal homogenizer on the market that lyses samples using 3D motion. Minilys uses a powerful figure-8 motion to efficiently lyse samples in seconds providing lysates high in quality and yield.

Visit us at ASMS, booth #17 to view the Precellys in action or to benefit from special offers on Precellys products!

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