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SW Safety Solutions, Inc.

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SW Safety

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About SW Safety Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1984, SW Safety Solutions has been a leader in hand protection for over 30 years. A commitment to innovation, quality and excellence in customer service has established SW Safety as a leader in the single use glove industry. Our focus on optimizing single use gloves by application has changed the way the world looks at hand protection.

Trusted Protection Inside and Out

SW Safety recognizes that the harsh realities of the occlusive environment inside a glove can sometimes be just as hard on hands as the work being done on the outside. R & D teams develop technologies that give workers the protection and performance they need with the hand health benefits they deserve.

SW’s gloves not only improve productivity and decrease operational costs for businesses, but improve quality of life for the people who wear gloves. This dedication to providing Trusted Protection Inside and Out for every person who wears SW gloves, is an essential part of the foundation of SW Safety.

Hand Health Products



For more information on how hand health gloves like AloeForm, Hydrex and pH Natural, are revolutionizing hand protection, visit us at booth 2445 for a free sample or visit