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Innovative Mobile Benches for LC/GC/MS Systems

IonBench is a leading specialty laboratory furniture provider, with extensive product lines for mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography.

Featuring a Mass Spec Bench with Leading Sound Suppression

The IonBench approach to sound suppression is the best in the industry for the following reasons:

  1. Guaranteed sound suppressions of 15dBA, a 75% sound reduction
  2. Aggressive ventilation of the vacuum pump enclosure to keep pumps from overheating
  3. Audible and visual alarms if the enclosure temperature exceeds the operating temperature
IonBench Saves Space

IonBench reduces system footprint by 30%. Vacuum pumps are integrated; optional drawers accommodate spares and tools; other options eliminate the need for a separate computer table. IonBench is on heavy duty solid lockable casters.

IonBench Improves Mass Spec Performance & Uptime

IonBench's patented vibration dampening devices reduce vibration by 99%.

IonBench HPLC Cart Contributes to Overall LCMS System Performance

With IonBench, XYZ alignment between HPLC and MS is easily optimized. Void volume can be significantly reduced, improving peak shape and sample throughput.

IonBench LC Contributes to Lab Safety & Productivity

Most analysts use a step stool to reach the top of the LC system. This is time consuming and a risk. With IonBench LC, an analyst simply flips a switch to adjust system height to a safe and manageable level.

Truly Transportable LC

Heavy duty lockable casters on IonBench LC simplify moving the HPLC/UHPLC system around. Analysts can easily share LC with other mass spectrometers.

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