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EDAX is a leading provider of innovative materials characterization systems encompassing:

The integration of EDS, EBSD and WDS detectors with the electron microscope allows users to determine both the elemental and microstructural characteristics of different materials. Collaboration between the microscope manufacturers and EDAX provides seamless designs that enable the detectors, electronics and software to operate in an uncompromised environment.

EDAX provides a comprehensive range of tools to meet the most demanding needs of today’s scientists. The company’s portfolio includes:

  • Standalone and integrated tools for EDS, EBSD and WDS
  • Bench-top micro-XRF (µXRF) analyzers, providing a platform for small and micro-spot x-ray analysis and mapping - easy to operate and engineered to accommodate various sample types and shapes from different sources
  • X-ray metrology tools for coating thickness and and composition measurements (analysis) of multi-layered materials for in-line and off-line process control applications.

EDAX is committed to developing the best systems for micro- and nano-characterization, where elemental and/or structural information is required.

EDAX designs, manufactures, distributes and services products for a broad range of industries, educational institutions and research organizations.

Market segments include: criminal and industrial forensics, security, semiconductor and microelectronics, academic and industrial R&D laboratories, ROHS/WEEE, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals, mining, catalysts, petrochemicals, ceramics, metallurgy and manufacturing operations.

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