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Company Specials

Company Specials

1) PHOTONIS introduces Monolithic Segmented Reflectron lenses, to replace a traditional stacked ring lens and simplify cleaning and maintenance. This new technology enables instrument designers to produce non linear fields within the lens which augments instrument performance.

2) Check out our new Discrete Dynodes, with dual-stage and continual mode, that provides superior dynamic range. These new detectors have been specifically engineered to air-stable for extended periods of time.

3) PHOTONIS now offers a best-in-class Ion Beam Profiler, which combines a custom Microchannel Plate assembly with a Nocturn CMOS low-light analog/digital camera. This new unit allows instrument designers to identify deviations in ion trajectories not predicted by ion optics modeling software, providing immediate visual feedback to any changes in voltage or layout for maximum analysis.

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Photonis USA

Booth # 41
Contact info: BOOTH 41 ASMS 15, St. Louis
PHOTONIS, 660 Main St., Sturbridge, MA USA 01566
+1 508 347 4000
PHOTONIS is the world's largest provider of electron multipliers, ion transport solutions and other critical path technologies.  We partner with most major mass spectrometer manufacturers to co-design a unique solution to optimize each instrument's capabilities. 

Let PHOTONIS engineer a custom detection or ion transport solution for your next generation mass spectrometer. Visit our web site to learn more about our wide range of products to learn how we can engineer a custom solution to make your instrument better, including:

  • PHOTONIS Channeltron® Electron Multipliers are the recognized brand name in electron multiplication.  We make over 150 different types of replacement detectors and complete assemblies to a number of current and legacy mass spectrometers.
  • PHOTONIS offers a wide range of standard and custom Microchannel Plates.  Our MCPs can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and geometries and are offered with unique options such as TruFlite TM flatness, Long-Life, MountingPad TM, or with low noise glass.  We also offer a variety of coatings for specialized applications.  PHOTONIS MCPs also are sold in complete electro-optic assemblies for plug-and-play replacements.Image
  • For Time-of-Flight applications, PHOTONIS supplies a wide range of ToF detectors optimized to reduce time jitter and improve mass resolution. PHOTONIS TOF detectors are the fastest on the market, with unmatched levels of temporal resolution, dynamic range and mass detection sensitivity.  We offer high temperature, miniature, BiPolar, Coaxial, Off-Axis, UltraFast, and Gen2 TOF detectors, many of which utilize our patented technologies. 

  • For increased ion throughput and transport, ask about our Resistive Glass ion guides, capillary and drift tubes.  These patented products create uniform electric fields to preferentially direct or guide charged particles.  The result is that more ions are drawn into the mass spectrometer, resulting in a more efficient sample transfer.