Tomography Allows Observation of Dynamic Processes Taking Place at High Temporal Resolution During Metal Foaming

A new tomography world record has been achieved by Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) researchers and international colleagues. Using a rotary sample table, they were able to document the dynamic processes involved in the foaming of liquid aluminum.

“Over 200 tomographic images per second can now be acquired, and that during measurement intervals of only several minutes,” said Dr. Francisco García-Moreno. The term “tomoscopy” was coined for this new imaging method.

According to Dr. Christian Schlepütz of the Paul Scherrer Institute, “The enormous volume of data packets generated during each tomoscopy has to be transmitted and stored at the extremely high data rate of eight gigabytes per second.”

Each individual image must be calculated from the measurement data. The images then receive additional automatic processing that facilitates quantitative analysis. 

The team used the new imaging method to observe dynamic processes in great detail at high temporal resolution that occur during the foaming of liquid aluminum. In this way, processes taking place during the formation of foam in molten metals can be investigated and better understood.

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