Periodic Table Celebrates 150th Anniversary

A chemist from Michigan State University (MSU)  reports on the influence of Dmitri Mendeleev, who created the periodic table of elements in 1869, on current research.

“Our goal, said James McCusker, “was to showcase contemporary research being pursued around the world, including U.S. Department of Energy-supported research at MSU, that’s working to realize new approaches to photoinduced chemical processes.”

McCusker’s article, which appeared in Science, highlights the process of light absorption that incorporates elements from the “transition block” of the periodic table. Compounds from this class are involved in everything from solar energy conversation to organic synthesis.

“Although much remains to be done, an understanding of the periodic nature of the problem coupled with the creative work by a growing number of research groups around the world portends that the prospect for a seismic shift in how we interface molecular inorganic chemistry to the science of light capture and conversion is bright indeed,” McCusker said.

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