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The BMT EVO family of Chambers grows for 2016!
BMT, an industry leader, specializing in pharmaceutical grade equipment will be highlighting our EVOLUTIONARY chambers at Pittcon 2016.

EVO Chambers offer revolutionary tools for...

  • Stability and Photo Stability
  • Incubation
  • Plant growth and Insect rearing
  • Environmental simulation
  • Vacuum drying

The new Vacucell EVO vacuum drying oven with direct heating features automated or manual control of the heating and vacuum process along with safety features such as the patented Ventiflex door.

Vacucell EVO Dry Heat Vacuum Oven...

  • Direct heat chamber with patented Servotherm shelf system
  • Drying under vacuum
  • Automated control of the process
  • Remote monitoring and control

Climacell EVO and Friocell EVO design features include our patented forced-air system along with the unique removable inner chamber and user friendly fuzzy logic microprocessors. Both units fully conform to ICH stability, photostability and FDA 21 CFR part 11 norms.

Climacell EVO Stability Chamber ...

  • Precise humidity control 1% increments
  • Heating / Cooling 0°C to 100°C with -20°C option
  • 160°C Sterilization
  • Lighting: LED & fluorescent tube

Friocell EVO Temperature control Incubator...

  • Heating / Cooling 0°C to 100°C with -20°C option
  • 160°C Sterilization
  • Lighting: LED or Fluorescent
  • CO2 control, optional

Pittcon Show Special Booth # 2926

  • Visit the BMT booth to recieve a 20% discount coupon towards the purchase of a BMT Dry-Heat Oven, Incubator or Stability Chamber.

Pittcon Booth # 2926
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