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Watch and click through a chapterized presentation that covers the various ways you can reduce, or even eliminate, helium usage in your lab’s GC and GC/MS Instruments. Learn about helium conservation strategies with links to products, presentations and other resources to reduce your labs dependency on this costly carrier gas.

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The moisture absorbing polymer consumable described in this article is designed to remove moisture from wet samples inline during extraction as well as from the post-extraction solvent extract.
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Ergonomically designed and with a fresh look, Endecotts sieving machines are ideal for your busy laboratory.

  • Suitable for dry and wet sieving
  • 3D sieving action allows for high separation efficiency
  • Digital controls for easy and
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Density Gradient Fractionator
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Air Jet Sieving Machine AS 200 jet
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Vibratory Sieve Shakers
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Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PPCO Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Closure, 250 mL
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EASY-nLC 1000 Liquid Chromatograph
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  For automated mass spectrometry (MS) sample preparation Tecan introduces the Freedom EVO® workstation. Automation of MS assays is accessible to everyone in the lab with the intuitive TouchTools software. Applications include solid phase extraction, liquid-liquid extraction and protein purification.
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This webinar will address technical aspects of the analysis of CrVI, the history of the U.S. EPA norms and State of California regulations, and the challenges testing laboratories face as local and national restrictions continue to drop.
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Shimadzu's New TQ8040 Triple Quad GC-MS/MS with Smart MRM Transforms Laboratory Analysis
Waters Introduces Xevo G2-XS QTof and Xevo TQ-S micro Mass Spectrometers, Taking Benchtop Quantitative and Qualitative MS Applications to New Levels
Owlstone Introduces UltraFAIMS for Improved Mass Spectrometry
High Volume Microplates
Thermo Fisher Scientific and BioAnalytix Collaboration formed to advance biopharma analysis
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