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Mass spectrometry has come a long way since its inception and the applications of this technology are exploding. Watch this on demand webinar for a reflection of Mass Spectrometry, where we examine our past and ask, where to next? This webinar is sponsored by Waters Corporation.
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The precious metal palladium has been widely applied in the electronics, aerospace, chemical, metallurgy, automobile engines, and pharmaceutical industries due to its corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and excellent catalytic properties
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Agilent’s portfolio of products and pre-configured analytical solutions help identify and quantitate trace contaminants like VOCs, pesticides, sVOCs and Persistent Organic Pollutants in water samples. Learn more about how our solutions help laboratories maximize sample throughput while maintaining optimal analytical performance, by allowing your team to focus on method validation and real world sample analysis instead of method development.
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OBLF GS1000-II OES Spectrometer
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SPRi Flexible OpenPlex SPRi
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Mercury 3 Versatile CCD Detector
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LC/MS Purification System
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ASC-7000 Atomic Absorption Autosampler
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  Rigaku’s NEX QC series of benchtop EDXRF analyzers enables rapid, non-destructive, multi-element analyses of solids, liquids, powders, alloys, and thin films at low cost.
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Year-over-year PepTalk: The Protein Science Week continues to draw leaders of biotherapeutics from industry and academia pioneering the evolution of biologics. The international delegation is comprised of over 1,200 participants from 20+ countries.
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Magritek announce Spinsolve Carbon, the world's first Carbon-13 capable benchtop NMR spectroscopy system
Isotope Ratio Measurement Can Now Go to the Sample Site
JPK launches the fast-scanning & super-resolution NanoWizard ULTRA Speed AFM system
Orbitrap Inventor Appointed Professor at Utrech
Pittcon Announces New Mobile App for Pittcon 2014
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