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Triple quadrupole GC/MS/MS has emerged as the technique of choice for detection and quantitation of trace pesticide residues in complex food matrices. Shimadzu’s GCMS-TQ8030, featuring ultrafast, highly sensitive advanced Scan/MRM capabilities, a true scan speed of 20,000 u/sec, and an extensive pesticide database for simplified method development, is the most powerful choice for your analytical requirements.
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Ultra high-performance liquid chromatography, or UHPLC, is faster and provides higher resolution compared to conventional HPLC. This article discusses UHPLC operation, from sample through detection, and outlines important specifications to consider prior to purchase. Key points of consideration include type of UHPLC detector, i.e., UV-VIS, photodiode array, fluorescence, and single and tandem quadrupole MS; column pressure and diameter; sorbent; and whether to use core-shell particles.
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High DO can impact the taste and shelf life of your product. Designed for at-line as well as laboratory use, the Beverly Portable DO Monitor provides accurate measurement in a rugged design. A Visiferm DO B sensor with built-in intelligence lies at the heart of the unit. With easy calibration, quick response time down to ppb levels, and simple maintenance, the Beverly is the ideal tool for your DO monitoring needs.
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Rxi-17Sil MS Columns (fused silica)
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MQC Benchtop NMR Analyzer
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VDC 1012 Vacuum Distiller
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858 Professional Autosampler
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PS20 Agar/Media Plate Pourer
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  Tecan’s Freedom EVO workstation combined with the Pickolo module from SciRobotics provides you with an easy and reliable colony picking platform for automation of your research experiments. The Freedom EVO is intuitive to work with and Pickolo gives you the ease of a plug-¬and-¬play device, while still providing plenty of options to vary your automated workflow as your requirements change with different experiments and projects.
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The Food Structure and Functionality Forum (FSFF) is delighted to announce the Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium – from Molecules to Functionality, which will highlight the latest research efforts in food structuring and de-structuring...
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Advion’s Compact Mass Spectrometer Earns Big Accolades from SDi
MOCON adds rapid 'indicator organism' testing to GreenLight food safety platform
PAC's Alcor JFTOT IV Receives Good Industrial Design GIO Award
Leading EU and UK Pesticide Testing Labs Collaborate with Thermo Fisher Scientific
Analytica Anacon India 2013 Witnessed an Impressive Lineup of Leading Companies From the Instrumentation Industry
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