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Activate industry’s first complete wireless app-based lab monitoring solution - simultaneously monitor parameters, such as temperature, CO2, and humidity of all your equipment on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop anytime, anywhere. Infinite scalability and configurable alarms give you the freedom to customize your monitoring to fit your lab's needs. Have confidence that your lab will lead you to your next discovery.
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Switch to Thermo Scientific Nalgene plastic labware. It won't shatter or break like glass, causing injury or loss of valuable contents - making your lab a safer place. Our extensive portfolio of durable, high quality labware products withstands rigorous laboratory conditions. Download the brochure to see how to Break the Glass Habit with Nalgene Labware.
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When you’re relocating your laboratory, every move you make it critical. For more than a decade, Agilent has performed laboratory relocation services for a variety of companies, from R&D facilities and accredited labs to regulated pharmaceutical companies. So whether you need to relocate a single instrument or your entire lab, across the hall or across the country, choosing Agilent should be the first move you make. Start now by requesting a relocation consultation.
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Featured Article
CAS DataLoggers takes calls every day from people looking for the right temperature datalogger for their life science monitoring application, whether they need alarming for medical fridges, freezers, or incubators. With a datalogger, businesses and ...
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LABGUARD® Monitoring System and Software
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Online Micro-ESR™ Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer Sensor and Oil Analyzer
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MS-2500 XY Flat-Top Extended Travel Stage
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Fluidized Bed Reactors
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BLACK PEARL Viscometer
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Featured Product
The FS5 is a fully integrated steady state fluorescence spectrometer designed to meet the highest specifications in the research and analytical markets. Ultimate sensitivity, coupled with high speed data acquisition and ease of use, makes the FS5 the...
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The 7500 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) from Agilent Technologies is the next generation platform for nanoscale measurement, characterization and manipulation in materials science, polymer science, electrochemistry, electrical characterization and ...
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Featured Event
The Plant and Animal Genome XXII Conference is designed to provide a forum on recent developments and future plans for plant and animal genome projects. Consisting of technical presentations, poster sessions, exhibits and workshops, the conference is...
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Nanobiotix Strengthens its NanoXray Pipeline with the Launch of NBTX-TOPO Development, the First Nanotherapeutic with Embedded Radar
Generex Biotechnology Corporation: Antigen Express AE37 Breast Cancer Vaccine Update
Huber RotaCool® Chiller Now Reduced in Price
PAC's Alcor JFTOT IV Receives Good Industrial Design GIO Award
ZEISS Microscopes used to create images for Art Exhibit at Midway Airport
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