Guess the Cover of American Laboratory – February 2012

Managing Editor

Answer to January What Is This:

The January cover image showed a lymph node, specifically, a 250-µm projection into a mouse popliteal lymph node where immune cells (red and yellow) congregate; imaged with multiphoton microscopy. Collagen fibers (white and purple) forming the lymph node capsule were visualized with second harmonic generation. The lymph node was excised from a mouse. Red and green dyes were used to delineate two different populations of immune cells. The specimen was immersed in PBS and imaged with a 10x water immersion lens. What were some of the guesses?

February Cover Image

This image was captured using a fluorescence microscope. Fluorescent microscopes and fluorescence imaging systems are useful laboratory instruments that share similar methods to visualize specimen and sample images using fluorescence.

Here’s a clue: February’s cover image was provided by Dr. Kavita Aswani of Lumen Dynamics, Mississauga, Canada. The image was captured using an X-Cite® XLED1 fluorescence microscopy illumination system; original magnification 20x.

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Stay tuned for the answer and for next month’s cover image!