How to Print an Article

Operations Manager

Have you ever wondered how to print an ad-free copy of an article that appears on  Printing an article to paper or saving as a PDF is easy to do.  Check out these quick step-by-step instructions (please note: this may work best in Internet Explorer):

    1. Turn off your pop-up blocker in your web browser settings.
    2. Click on the Print icon, top right of article (circled in the image below).
    3. When the window opens that displays the printable article, find and click the text or button that says "Print" at the top of the page.

Print Tools

To print the article on paper:

  1. Choose your printer from the "Destination" drop down menu
  2. Click the Print button.

To save as a PDF:

  1. Choose Adobe PDF from the “Destination” drop down menu
  2. Click the Print button
  3. When the file folders pop up, save the PDF file to the destination folder of your choice.