Guess the Cover of American Laboratory – January 2012

Managing Editor

In August 2011, American Laboratory opened its doors to readers to submit images for our covers .  Our readers look forward to the cover image every month. Now they have a chance to guess what the image is. Starting off the year with a new twist, guessing the cover image will let them become more interactive, as we poll our readers and visitors here on our blog. 

Here’s a clue: This image, from the cover of the January 2012 issue of American Laboratory, was provided by Dr. Harry Leung of the Immune Disease Institute at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. The image was captured using multiphoton microscopy and second harmonic imaging; original magnification 240×.

A multiphoton microscope in conjunction with the use of different fluorophores to colorfully tag the various parts of the sample resulted in this vibrant screenshot of __________________.  Now you fill in the blank. What do you think it is?

Leave us your guess in the comments. 

Stay tuned for the answer and for next month’s cover issue!