2014 Edition of the Liquid Chromatography Troubleshooting Bible

High-performance liquid chromatography is a complicated technology where many things can, and frequently do, go wrong. For 30 years, John W. Dolan, Ph.D., of LC Resources (Walnut Creek, CA) has authored reports on troubleshooting HPLC and more recently ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC). UHPLC is even more demanding, but pays off with faster and better results.

You can access the 2014 LC Troubleshooting Bible at: http://www.lcresources.com/tsbible/. The index provides a chronological listing of the topics, and facilitates searching by keywords.

John is a recognized authority on HPLC, having managed a contract laboratory specializing in developing and validating HPLC methods for most of the major biopharmaceuticals. LC resources worked with many firms to provide high-quality data. Often this involved transferring a method to a new lab. Method transfer is a task that often shows the importance of paying attention to details—minute details. For example, when addressing the use of small columns (narrow and short) such as are commonly used in UHPLC, he admonishes, “One poorly assembled fitting can spoil an otherwise satisfactory separation.”

If you are among the 500,000 people utilizing HPLC around the world, you need to bookmark and use this URL: http://www.lcresources.com/tsbible/. It could save your career.

Robert L. Stevenson, Ph.D., is Editor, American Laboratory/Labcompare; e-mail: rlsteven@yahoo.com.