The Credible Power of Laboratory Product Reviews

Customer Success Manager

Labcompare, the online buyers’ guide for laboratory equipment, recently launched a new, exciting feature to its website—product reviews.

For lab managers, researchers, and scientists who need product advice and practical tips from other users, Labcompare product reviews intend to provide a first-hand, unbiased, and complete product experience shared by other scientists and lab professionals.

Unlike anonymous user reviews with general star ratings, Labcompare is dedicated to providing as much useful information about the latest products on the market. Labcompare reviews are written by real scientists and lab professionals who are eager to share their product experiences, including applications, protocol overview, tips, pros, cons, and the bottom line.

How do I submit a review?

You can submit a review using the online submission form at All reviews go through a quick set of checks and are verified prior to posting online.

Wait, there’s more…

Share your experience by submitting a product review and you’ll be entered for a chance to earn a $25 Amazon gift card. Not a shabby giveaway for sharing your opinion with other fellow industry professionals.

Share your experience today!

We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. How much weight do product reviews have in your purchasing decision?