Top Laboratory Marketplace Acquisitions of 2013

2013 was a very dynamic year with many changes in the laboratory marketplace.  We saw new collaborations and joint efforts for solutions in clinical diagnostics, life science, materials characterization, and other markets.  These strategic alliances not only strengthen the brands, but also expand current and future laboratory instrument and product offerings. Have you kept up to date on laboratory marketplace changes?  If not, here’s a partial snapshot of some of the top laboratory marketplace acquisitions that occurred this year. 

Materials Characterization

Anton Paar acquired CSM Instruments SA (Dec 2013)
Anton Paar expands current portfolio of material characterization instruments.
Anton Paar Company Profile | Read Full Press Release


Micromeritics acquired PoroTechnology (Nov 2013)
Micromeritics merges resources to improve mercury injection capillary pressure (MICP) analysis of shale and rock for the oil and gas industry.
Micromeritics Company Profile | Read Full Press Release


Microbiologics acquired Phthisis Diagnostics (Oct 2013)
Microbiologics launches into molecular products with this new division; G-Sphere® molecular strands innovated and patented by Phthisis.   Read Full Press Release

EKF Diagnostics acquired 360 Genomics (Apr 2013)
EKF Diagnostics to expand its molecular division to address the companion diagnostics market.
EKF Diagnostics Company Profile


Environmental Express, Inc. acquired Daniels Scientific (Nov 2013)
Environmental Express to expand innovation and portfolio in environmental testing market.
Environmental Express Company Profile | Read Full Press Release

Schauenburg International Group acquired majority shares of Markes International (Jan 2013)
Schauenburg strengthens its position in the air monitoring field, while Markes’ growth is enhanced; applications include forensics, environmental, and food.
Markes International Company Profile | Read Full Press Release

Life Science

Calbiotech acquired Moduline Systems (Dec 2013)
Calbiotech strengthens what was a current 15-year-long relationship with Moduline Systems and expands microplate-dispensing and vial-filling product offerings.   Read Full Press Release

Bruker acquired Prairie Technologies (Sep 2013)
Bruker expands microscopy products as it strengthens its nano surface division across life science markets.
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Malvern Instruments acquired Nanosight (Sep 2013)
Malvern expands particle characterization business with Nanosight's patented Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA).
Malvern Instruments Company Profile | Read Full Press Release

QIAGEN acquired Ingenuity Systems (Apr 2013)
QIAGEN expands solutions for complex biological data analysis.


Sartorius acquired TAP Biosystems Group plc (Dec 2013)
Sartorius extends solutions in the area of fermentation within its bioprocess portfolio.
Sartorius Company Profile | Read Full Press Release

Hamilton Company acquired the Biomass Measurement Business of Fogale Nanotech (Dec 2013)
Hamilton becomes leading manufacturer of sensors offering all key bioprocess parameter testing measurement (e.g. pH, dissolved oxgen, biomass, etc.).
Hamilton Company Profile | Read Full Press Release

Applikon Biotechnology acquired HaloteC Instruments BV's biotech solutions (Apr 2013)
Applikon expands solutions for bioprocess industry.

Additionally ...

Hamilton Scientific acquired Gibson Associates (Jun 2013)
Hamilton expands lab furniture and fume hoods portfolio and strengthens presence in New England area.
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Techcomp Group Ltd acquired Edinburgh Instruments Ltd (Feb 2013)
Techcomp expands its portfolio and range of technologies and products; wide applications in photonics, life science, environmental, and more.
Edinburgh Instruments Company Profile

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