HPLC Simplified

Sometimes we bombard ourselves with more technology than we actually need. How many times have we wondered why our DVD players or mobile phones have more functions than most of us will ever need?

 HPLC is an incredible technique. Due to its potential, most systems have a vast array of functions to accommodate a wide range of current and future usage. Much of the time, however, these functions result in additional cost.

In some situations in which HPLC is used, such as multicompound screening, initial method development, production situations, process development, and teaching, an HPLC system with fewer functions is acceptable. This is where low-cost, easy-to-use Merit HPLC systems (Cecil Instruments, Cambridge, U.K.) are of value.

Each system incorporates the proven, reliable, consistent, high-specification, ultralow drift, and durable performance of trusted pumps and UV-VIS detectors. The systems are fully PC controlled using Merit software. The software is actually contained on-board the instrument modules, so there is virtually no software to master.

Merit HPLC systems: HPLC simplified.

For more information, please visit http://www.cecilinstruments.com/merit-hplc.html.

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