Call for Bloggers

Do you have info you’d like to share on:

  • A great new product you’re using in the lab?
  • Tips on streamlining work flow?
  • Your experience using apps in the lab?

If so, we'd like to hear from you.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Use a compelling title—include power words like “secrets,” “discover,” “free”
  • Numbered or bulleted lists are effective—i.e., “Five Best Ways to ….”/“Top 3 Apps for Your iPad”
  • Speak to your target audience and user base—tackle a real problem that’s relevant to them
  • Be yourself—a personal and casual voice is acceptable
  • Be considerate and accurate
  • Keep information useful and concise
  • Provide new and interesting content (without branding)
  • Use humor where appropriate
  • Encourage feedback—ask questions that are creative and thought-provoking
  • Do not use information that is posted elsewhere

Please contact for more information.

Donna Frankel is Director of Editorial, American Laboratory/Labcompare.