8 Practical iPad Apps for the Life Science Researcher

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The adoption of mobile tablets for the laboratory has resulted in an emergence of handy applications that have been created to support the laboratory scientist in various steps of research through tools, calculators, and reference apps. The iPad from Apple Inc., a leader among tablet manufacturers, has a range of available apps for the scientist and tech lover. The following iPad apps represent a small handful of practical applications for the life science researcher.

1. Biocompare Antibody Search App

The Biocompare Antibody Search App from CompareNetworks, Inc., is the newest app released for life science scientists searching for antibodies. Need an antibody for that antigen? The app can filter search results by reactivity, host species, applications, and conjugate/tag.


2. Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR Application

The Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR iPhone Application is also compatible with the iPad. This life science reference app, featuring the "PCR Doctor," is geared toward scientists who use real-time PCR (qPCR) and need to troubleshoot PCR problems, or for those who are looking to design and optimize qPCR assays.


3. Cell Imaging HD

The Cell Imaging HD from Invitrogen Corp. (Life Technologies) is a molecular probe mobile iPad app for searching protocols and supplies for fluorescence microscopy that can help label parts of the cell, including its structure and organelles. It also features a troubleshooter for fluorescence issues, such as photobleaching and signal amplification.


4. CloningBench

The CloningBench by Invitrogen Corp. (Life Technologies) is a reference and calculator iPad app for cloning experiments. It features a guide for cloning cell selection, digest and restriction enzyme search, cell growth timer, gene size estimator, and calculator for vector:molar ratios, PCR, and nucleic acid concentration.


5. Fluorescence Spectraviewer

The Fluorescence Spectraviewer from Invitrogen Corp. (Life Technologies) is a neat, easy-to-use iPad app for plotting and comparing spectra of fluorophores (fluorescent proteins).


6. Leica DMshare

The Leica DMshare from Leica Microsystems GmbH is an iPad app for taking images, displaying live images, and sharing images on the microscope (compatible with the Leica Microsystems ICC50 HD-camera). This app is not only useful for life science laboratories imaging cell samples, but also for forensics and environmental research.


7. Promega Life Science App

The Promega App by Promega Corporation is a life science iPad app featuring various application guides and calculators (for melting temperatures, DNA concentration, and more). It is also a reference tool for restriction enzymes, protocols for molecular/cell bio and DNA analysis, and cell signaling pathways MAPK/ERK and PI3K/mTOR.


8. QIAGEN Life Science App

The QIAGEN App from QIAGEN GmbH is a reference and calculator iPad app for lab buffers, lab solutions, conversions, and dilutions. This app also is equipped with a range of video tutorials for key life science applications, such as genotyping, pyrosequencing, and gene expression analysis.


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Jeanely Hunt is Content Editor for American Laboratory/Labcompare; e-mail: jhunt@americanlaboratory.com .