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Practical resources for laboratory scientists. Stay up-to-date information about applications and products for the lab.


For laboratory managers and researchers across analytical chemistry and the applied sciences seeking knowledge on new technologies, methods, applications, and products, the American Laboratory® provides comprehensive technology coverage for laboratory professionals at all stages of their careers. American Laboratory® is a multidisciplinary resource that engages scientists to provide essential information and solutions that help them solve real problems in the laboratory and ensures that their work is always on the cutting edge. American Laboratory® serves the need of global community of laboratory professionals for communicating relevant technical advances and insights.

Company Overview

For more than 45 years, American Laboratory has been providing analytical chemists and life scientists with up-to-date information about equipment, instrumentation, and applications that they use in their labs every day. Addressing basic research, clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, environmental, food and beverage, forensics, and other markets, American Laboratory combines in-depth articles, news, and video to deliver the latest advances in their fields to over 55,000 readers. With an extensive archive of application-based articles, American Laboratory is a valuable resource for lab professionals to ensure that their work is always on the cutting edge.

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