45th Anniversary Webinar: The Evolution of Mass Spectrometry

We recently commemorated the 45th Anniversary of American Laboratory by presenting a live webinar, “The Evolution of Mass Spectrometry—History and Advances over the Last 45 Years.” Topics included the evolution of mass spectrometry over the past 45 years and noteworthy advances in the field. Discussion also centered on the development of technologies such as atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI), electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI MS), matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI), and informatics. The speakers reflected on the past of mass spec and contemplated the future.

Webinar presenters:

  • Dr. Mark Hayward, Consultant for Active Ingredient Technologies
  • Dr. Brian Musselman, CEO of IonSense
  • Dr. Raymond Ng, Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, and Chief Informatics Officer of the PROOF Centre of Excellence.

The webinar can be seen here: www.americanlaboratory.com/AnniversaryWebinar