Vi-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer

The Vi-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer from Beckman Coulter is an automated cell counter that measures cell viability, cell concentration, and cell growth rate. The Vi-Cell XR automated cell counter is based on a trypan blue cell viability assay. Automating sample preparation and eliminating assay variability, the Vi-Cell XR can accommodate a range of cell types and measure up to 30x the volume of traditional cell counters.


The Vi-Cell XR Cell Viability Analyzer is designed to accurately measure cell viability and cell concentration.  This automated cell counter also provides cell size information and automatically calculates cell growth rate and doubling times.

Based on the standard Trypan blue cell viability assay, the Vi-Cell XR provides complete automation of sample preparation and cell counting, eliminating assay variability due to human error.

The Vi-Cell XR is designed to work with a wide variety of cell types, including yeast, insect and mammalian cells.

In minutes, the Vi-Cell system measures 15 to 30 times the volume of the hemocytometer method with a more comprehensive number of parameters enhancing statistical reliability of the results.

Cell viability analysis has never been so simple.  Simply load your sample, log in sample information and view your results.

Now we'll demonstrate how easy it is to operate the Vi-Cell XR.  First, pour a minimum of .5 milliliter of sample into the Vi-Cell cup.  The Vi-Cell performs all the sample preparation, so there's no need for accurate manual pipetting.

Then, place the cup into the carousel.  This is a 12-position autosampler, which allows continuous feed.  Simply log in the sample information by clicking the log in sample button.

Select any available sample cup position on the carousel.  Enter in the sample ID.  Select a cell type from the Vi-Cell build in cell library.  The cell types feature in the software allows you to optimize sample preparation and analysis for your specific cell line.

Select the dilution factor if the sample is pre-diluted.  You also have the option to export your data to an Excel file.  Press start queue to being the analysis.

In two and a half minutes, the Vi-Cell XR automatically aspirates the sample, mixes it with Trypan blue, captures the images, performs analysis, generates the results and self cleans the fluidics, readying itself for the next sample.

The collected data is automatically analyzed and saved for easy archiving and reanalysis.  The Vi-Cell system intuitive software allows you to easily view your results in a variety of forms.

The Vi-Cell software screen is divided up into two portions, an image portion and a statistical portion.  Based on the image parameters of the cell type, the software indicates which cells are viable and non-viable.  Viable or living cells are circled in green.  Non-viable or dead cells are circled red.

The software can even count individual cells in cell clusters if you have clumpy samples.

Now, let's take a look at the statistical portion of the screen.  The first column displays the individual image statistics.  This includes cell count, viable cell number, percent viability, total and viable cell concentrations, cell sizing and average circularity.

The last column shows the cumulative results determined from all images acquired during the run, which are the complete results of the sample.  The drop down menu offers a variety of graphs such as size distribution, viable size distribution, total cell concentration and many others.  Each graph can be expanded to give additional information.

The Vi-Cell XR offers the advantage of allowing the operator to review and reanalyze the sample using different cell parameters without having to rerun the sample.

It also offers key system components to facilitate 21 CFR part 11 compliance such as audit trail, electronic signature capability, secure user sign on, user level permissions and administrative configuration tools.

System maintenance is minimized by utilizing a validated reagent pack guaranteeing no blockage or carryover.  The system also provides reagent monitoring to indicate when reagents are running low.

The Vi-Cell XR is the fully automated walk away solution for Trypan blue viability assays.