Automated Multi-Ionanalysis Demo

Watch this demonstration of a Dionex Anionic and Cationic ICS-1600 with a Mettler Toledo T90 Excellence Titrator, Liquid Handler Dosing Device, Rondo 30 Sample Changer and Chromeleon PC Software. Two sample loops of different size in the Anion IC are automatically selected and filled dependent on the conductivity of the sample solution.  The Cation IC has one sample loop.  The loops in both IC's can be filled in one run. On the Rondo 30 sample changer, up to 30 samples can be run automatically. The T90 measures the conductivity/pH and controls the Liquid Handler that doses the sample into the titration beaker and the IC sample loops for subsequent titration and IC.  Watch as the method on the T90 is set into motion with one click, starting the analysis sequence.