Compact HomeLab, an Improved Low-maintenance, High-performance Diffractometer from Rigaku

Rigaku introduces a new version of the low-maintenance, high-performance Compact HomeLabTM diffractometer, now with the PILATUS 200K Hybrid Pixel Array Detector as standard. The PILATUS 200K detector is a true X-ray photon counting device that measures weak data efficiently and, with the ability to perform shutterless data collection, sample throughput is increased significantly. The foundation of Rigaku’s Compact HomeLab is the MicroMaxTM-003, an integrated microfocus sealed tube generator and specially designed confocal multi-layer optic. This X-ray source is designed to help measure small, weakly diffracting crystals. From screening crystals prior to a synchrotron trip to solving structures from S-SAD phasing, the Compact HomeLab provides the tools necessary to carry out structural biology experiments.