MB3600-CH20 FT-NIR Chemicals Analyzer

The MB3600-CH20 is an FT-NIR Chemicals Analyzer for Polyols, Ethoxylates, Glycols, Urethanes and General Chemicals.  It simplifies Hydroxyl Value and similar analyses such as Acid Number, Moisture or EO/PO ratio analysis in the laboratory. It combines multiple analyses in a single measurement step.


ABB has been a world leader in FT-NIR analytical solutions for many years.

ABB presents the new MB3600-CH20, a high-performance laboratory FT-NIR method development analyzer for polyols, ethoxylates, glycols, urethanes, and related chemicals.

The MB3600-CH20 laboratory analyzer simplifies hydroxyl value and similar analyses, such as acid number, moisture, or EO/PO ratio analysis in the laboratory.

It's very easy to run large sample batches, easy-to-use software and pre-configured analytical procedures required for quality assurance and control analysis.

The health-monitoring diagnostics can be consulted continuously to ensure data integrity.

Instrument validation can be done at any time while the analysis is in progress, and it provides a complete quality assurance report.

The sampling is easily done by using heated disposable glass vials, which eliminate sample cell cleaning.

The quality assurance and control workflow software is easy to use.

Push only one button to proceed to the sample analysis and get results in less than two minutes with simultaneous analysis of multiple components.

The MB3600-CH20 laboratory FT-NIR analyzer is not only a valuable and reliable tool for hydroxyl value determination.  It also allows easy custom calibration model development for a wide range of other typical bulk, fine, and specialty chemicals in both liquid and powder form.

ABB offers a full range of custom modeling services and chemometric training for our customers.

Routine analysis for other samples could be done in the same way.  Transfer a second sample to the analysis position.  The primary method takes much longer for a complete analysis and is less repeatable than the FT-IR technology.

ABB Analytical is one of the major manufacturing centers for laboratory and process analytical systems with more than 35 years of experience in developing FT-IR and FT-NIR spectrometers.