MB-Rx Analyzer for In-Situ Reaction Monitoring

The MB-Rx In-Situ Reaction Monitor is a plug-and-play solution designed for research laboratories and pilot plants. It provides chemists with direct access to real-time experiment data via a rugged insertion probe and an intuitive software interface. No liquid nitrogen is required and this instrument is maintenance-free.


ABB introduces the MB-Rx Reaction Monitor, a dedicated FT-IR analyzer for in-situ monitoring of chemical reactions intended for laboratories and pilot plants.

The MB-Rx provides chemists with direct access to real-time experiment data.

The MB-Rx is a plug-and-play solution designed around the key concepts of analytical performance, reliability, and simplicity.

It does not require any maintenance or consumables, such as liquid nitrogen.

The MB-Rx pre-aligned rugged liquid-tight fiber optic interface was designed for accurate monitoring of minute chemical species.

The MB-Rx features the ABB Horizon MB software suite, the latest generation of analytical software.

It integrates several intuitive modules that provide all of the functions required to control the instrument operations and to analyze and quantify real-time data generated during chemical experiments.

The ELF [sp] monitoring interface includes a complete set of internal instrument diagnostics that are accessible at any time.

In addition, a simple validation can be performed on both the instrument and the probe in order to confirm that the system meets ABB's strict tolerances.

The probe can be easily inserted in vessels or reactors in any direction around the instrument.  Running experiments is straightforward, thanks to the use of a dedicated reaction monitoring software interface.

The reaction configuration wizard takes the user through the critical steps of the experiment setup process.  With only a few clicks, the user can create a customized template that will be saved automatically and made available for optimization or quick reuse.

Once the reaction is started, the reaction monitoring module provides the option of modifying reaction run parameters on the fly, using the full-featured main reaction interface.

The user can adjust the phase setting, customize the displayed information, or add comments.

At the end of a reaction, the user enters the offline mode, where data can be reviewed.  The user can also carry out an evaluation of the different what-if scenarios using various trends and processing sets.

Ultra and spectra and reaction configuration associated with the specific reaction can be organized as a project and archived or exported.

Finally, customized reports can be generated.

The solutions perpetuates the reputation of ABB analyzers in terms of their analytical excellence.

ABB MB-Rx, reaction monitoring made easy.