MB3000 FT-IR Laboratory Analyzer

The MB3000, a Fourier Transform Infrared analysis system, represents a major technological breakthrough into the market of low-cost, high-performance and maintenance free equipment. This laboratory spectrometer offers ease of use, reliability and constant results in order to address the concerns of lab users.


The MB3000 is a brand new FT-IR, which has as a result of many years of research.  It's also based on more than 30 years of experience in FT-IR technology of very high quality.

It's a versatile instrument.  It has the attributes of a research-grade FT-IR from the point of view of performance, and the cost of ownership is extremely low.

Reliability is a very important aspect of the MB3000.  What we were looking for are ways to eliminate as much as possible any type of maintenance requirement, and the normal maintenance requirements on FT-IRs, the well-known helium-neon laser required replacement from time to time.

And so, we have decided to eliminate the helium-neon laser and replace it with a small diode laser that has a life that is well in excess of 10 years.

The MB3000 also is designed to have very high stability, and the way that this design is that all the optics in the instrument is fixed in place.  There are no adjustments anywhere in the optics.

And as a result, we obtained an extremely high level of stability in the instrument.

The system is extremely modular.  This is to ensure easy maintenance of any repairs that have to be done and easy field-replaceable elements.

We're also introducing with the new MB3000 a brand new software.  It's called Horizon MB FT-IR software.  This software has been designed specifically to make the use of the instrument as simple as possible.

The software is designed to make it easy for the operator to use.  It does not require to read manuals or to learn how to work with it.  All the functions are intuitive.

The software also includes many housekeeping and health monitoring features that allow us to understand and to know exactly at any moment the state of the instrument so that we can know that the results that we are measuring are absolutely the correct results, and if not, the indication is given.

From the point of view of cost, there's a huge advantage to the MB3000.  And at the same time, you obtain great performance in the instrument, great simplicity, and particularly ease of use.

It is always ready every day.