SPME Fast-Fit Fiber Assemblies

Ideal for SPME method development, SPME Fast-Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA) from Supelco are available in a new configuration, easy to install, and feature a non-thread attachment.  The SPME FFA are also equipped with traceable color-coded barcode label (per different fiber phase chemistries).


The standard SPME fiber assemblies from Supelco are now complemented by a new configuration of SPME fiber assemblies called the fast-fit fiber assemblies or FFA for short.

These SPME fibers are easy to install with no threaded attachment necessary for the fiber holder.

In addition, the SPME fast-fit assemblies have a traceable label with a barcode.

The advantage of the new SPME fast-fit assembly is there is no threaded hub as with the previous SPME fiber assemblies.  So, it doesn't require threading into the SPME fiber holder.

The autosampler multi-fiber exchanging can pick up the fast-fit assemblies and interchange them without manual intervention.

The FFA label consists of a unique number for each assembly, which is shown as a legible number and barcode, where the first two digits identify the fiber phase coating and gauge size.

The red label coordinates with the red hub of a normal fiber assembly.  By this, each individual assembly can be tracked throughout the lifetime of a sampling campaign.

The color-coded stripe also identifies the phase and gauge size.  The color-coded top is the same as the common SPME assemblies.

For example, the red fiber is a 100-micron PDMS fiber assembly.  One stripe on the label identifies a 24-gauge assembly, while two stripes identify a 23-gauge version.

The SPME fast-fit assemblies are available in all common SPME fiber phase coatings.  So, current applications can be directly transferred to existing methodologies.

The color-coding is associated with the different fiber phase chemistries.

The Gerstel MPS multipurpose sampler shown here uses a three-position multi-fiber exchanger.

The multi-fiber exchanger or MFX allows automated exchange of SPME fibers on the autosampler for easier and quicker SPME method development and automated desorption.

The fast and easy interchangeability of the fast-fit fiber assemblies means there is no manual switching out of the fiber required when performing extractions with a selection of different SPME phase and fiber coatings.

Setting up different phase chemistries permits automated screening for optimal selectivity, which is ideal for SPME method development.  In this manner, it is easy to evaluate different polarity ranges for enhancements of analyte extraction.

The fast-fit fiber assemblies are complimented by our range of related devices and accessories.  These include the SPME diffusive sampling fiber holder or FFA-DFH, useful for time-weighted average air sampling; the SPME field sampler or FFA-FS, which contains a built-in ceiling mechanism to ensure fiber integrity before and after sampling; the SPME storage container, SPME-SC, ideal for storing or shipping the fibers to and from sampling sites; and the optional 25-position rack multi-fiber exchanger or MFX for use in the Gerstel autosampler.