JM Science Offers a Complete Line of Shiseido HPLC Columns in the New 2013 Catalog

October 17, 2013  - JM Science offers a complete line of Shiseido HPLC Columns in the new 2013 catalog. The CAPCELL PAK is an epoch-making HPLC column integrating the excellent separation performance of silica-based, polymer-coated packing material.  CAPCELL PAK essentially provides columns of reversed phase partition mode, normal phase partition mode, and ion exchange mode.

Additional Columns which are available include PC HILIC, a silica-based HILIC column with phosphorylcholine (PC) group. PC HILIC shows excellent retention and separation of very polar and hydrophilic compounds; Proteonavi C4 stationary phase for protein separation. Proteonavi has excellent acidic durability and is easy to shift from analytical to preparative size; Ceramospher (Chiral) The Ceramospher HPLC column features optical-resolution packing material with high selectivity created from a novel spherical clay mineral carrying an optically active metal complex; Silica is a high-performance column filled with high-quality silica. The packing material can be classified into the SG type of high-purity silica and the AG type of general grade; Chiral CD-Ph HPLC column is filled with optical-resolution packing material created from precisely classified high-purity spherical silica with phenyl carbamate beta-cyclodextrin chemically bonded as a chiral selector; Superiorex ODS HPLC column is filled with monomeric ODS packing material created from a high-purity silica with the highest carbon content (24%) among the HPLC Column Series; SUCREBEADS are polymer-based stationary phase for sugar analysis. SUCREBEADs has high alkaline durability; Reduction column is designed specially for the conversion of quinone into hydroquinone by catalytic reduction.

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