Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Flavors (SFT-150)

The SFT-150 Supercritical Fluid Extractor (SFE) was developed to investigate the application of supercritical fluid techniques to processing applications such as the extractions of peppermint flavor from peppermint leaves. The traditional peppermint extraction technique, steam distillation, produces a thermally degraded peppermint oil extract. SFE yields an extract of pure peppermint oil, because the peppermint is extracted under much gentler conditions than traditional methods. Pure peppermint oil has a stronger, fresher, and more unique taste than thermally degraded peppermint oil. This natural, unaltered extract gives food manufacturers a truly new flavor for their customers to enjoy. In a similar fashion, the SFT-150 can be applied to a wide variety of natural substances to obtain pure fragrance extracts for perfumes and shampoos.

I am attaching a full product description of the SFT-150 Extractor in a Word document and also attaching a hi-res JPG image of the SFT-150.

Thank you for your time to consider the inclusion of this product in an upcoming issue (print or online) where your readers/subscribers have an interest in extractions of flavors in:

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