PAC’s Herzog HCP 842 and ISL FPP 5Gs fully comply with this latest method for determining Cold Filter Plugging Point

PAC’s Herzog HCP 842 and ISL FPP 5Gs fully comply with this latest method for determining Cold Filter Plugging Point

Houston, TX., USA – September 19, 2013 – Both PAC’s Herzog HCP 842 and ISL FPP 5Gs now fully comply with the new standard, EN 16329, “Determination of CFPP for Diesel and Domestic Heating Fuels – Linear Cooling Bath Method” recently released by CEN (European Committee for Standardization). The EN 16329 is now also listed in the EN 590 European Diesel Fuels Specification as an alternative technique to EN 116:1997.

The Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) is a critical property that predicts the lowest temperature at which a fuel will freely flow through filters in diesel engine system. CFPP analysis is crucial for fuels since it provides an accurate means of judging gas oil behavior at temperatures lower than possible with the cloud point test method. This new method uses a refrigeration device with linear cooling instead of the conventional stepped bath, which displayed enhanced precision during round robins conducted in 2011.

With the Herzog HCP 842 and ISL FPP 5Gs, PAC provides the most complete offering for CFPP determination of diesel fuels. The HCP 842 delivers robust and accurate measurements through a smart microprocessor, with easy connection to any external chiller. While the ISL FPP 5Gs combines powerful built-in cooling system and simplicity of operation to allow the users immediate testing, anytime and everywhere. Both instruments provide high levels of flexibility with customizable test procedures (user-defined or according to standards) and also multi-networking capability - making them the ideal solutions for R&D applications and busy laboratories.

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