Advances in Food Safety Analysis eSeminar Series Sponsored by Bruker

August 2013: Bruker Chemical and Applied Markets (CAM), Fremont, California, US: September 10 will see the first in a series of Separation Science eSeminars on ‘Advances in Food Safety Analysis’, sponsored by Bruker, with Robert Trengove speaking on ‘Analytical Challenges and Solutions in Trace Analysis Facing Food Safety Laboratories.’ On September 12, 17 and 19 there will be additional seminars with talks from Bruker and other specialists including ‘An Introduction to Bruker’s Market Leading Portfolio on Food Quality and Safety Testing Solutions’ by Joe Anacleto on September 12. For more information and to register for free, visit

In collaboration, Bruker and Separation Science have designed a unique four session eSeminar event bringing together experts from across the food testing industry. Each session is comprised of several 30 minute expert presentations followed by an interactive Q&A session, a fantastic opportunity for analysts in the food, beverage and agrochemical sectors to get involved in this live learning environment. Event highlights include discussions on Bruker’s market leading portfolio of analytical tools and their application for targeted quantitation or rapid screening of pesticide residues in complex food matrices. Topics covered across the series include food and feed contaminants, processing and packaging contaminants, and quality control.

The game-changing food safety analysis eSeminar series, sponsored by Bruker, promises to be an exciting, interactive opportunity not to be missed!

Bruker’s Joe Anacleto, Vice-President of Market Development commented “This is a really exciting opportunity for the attendees to interact with other people tackling the challenges of food safety analysis on a day to day basis.” He continued, “We are keen to show how our products, such as the EVOQ triple quad or impact HD QTOF, can overcome some of these challenges and generally improve the food analysis process from sample all the way through to data review. Not only that, we will be joined by other experts across the field to make this a really comprehensive series of presentations and Q&A sessions.”

Click here to register! Don’t miss out on your chance to quiz the industry experts. Download Bruker’s free application notes on Detecting Chloramphenicol in Milk and Pesticide Residue Analysis in Zucchini today.

For over 50 years Bruker Daltonics has embodied innovation with integrity as demonstrated by its development of world-class scientific instruments. Bruker’s Chemical and Applied Markets (CAM) division, headquartered in Fremont, California was established in April 2010. Its formation was in response to the dynamic and ever significant separation and analysis market, providing fundamentally new instruments and solutions for customers in a range of applied industrial areas including: food testing, environmental analysis, toxicology testing, forensic analysis, quality control and pharmacokinetics. Today, Bruker’s CAM division serves all of these industry areas, pioneering the migration of technology from research to the commercial laboratory.

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