AMSBIO Sponsor Poster Prize at Beatson Cancer Conference

AMSBIO, a provider of cutting-edge life science technologies and services for accelerating discovery in cancer research, has continued its sponsorship of the annual poster prize at the Beatson International Cancer Conference (7th -10th July 2013).

The two winners of the Poster Prize for the best presented and most interesting posters, were this year named as Dr Thomas R Cox and co-researchers** for their work on ‘Deep proteomic analysis of the hypoxic secretome lysyl oxidase as a critical mediator of metastatic lesion formation in bone’, and Dr Jean Albrengues & co-researchers*** for their work on ‘Production of LIF cytokine by cancer cells and fibroblasts contributes to the establishment of a pro-invasive tumour microenvironment’.

As one of Cancer Research UK’s core-funded institutes - the Beatson Institute carries out a programme of world-class science directed at understanding key aspects of cancer cell behaviour, and try to translate these discoveries into new therapies and diagnostic/prognostic tools to help cancer patients. The Institute benefits from close interactions with the University of Glasgow, including strong links with the University’s Institute of Cancer Sciences.

AMSBIO is a rapidly growing company focused on the supply and development of products and technology for cancer research with emphasise on apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, and cancer cell function and behavior. AMSBIO supplies focused research products for cancer research that allow researchers to study cancer cell function and behavior including in angiogenesis, cell invasion and PARP and PARG research. Together with specifically designing assays for lead compound and genotoxic screening based on DNA damage and repair and cancer cell behavior, AMSBIO is establishing itself as a leading international provider of cancer research tools and services.

For further information on leading edge products and services for cancer research please contact AMSBIO now on +44-1235-828200 / +1-949-768-8365

Founded in 1987, AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) is recognized today as a leading company contributing to the acceleration of discovery through the provision of cutting-edge life science technology products and services for research and development in the medical, nutrition, cosmetics and energy industries. The AMSBIO range includes specialist antibodies, peptides and recombinant proteins. In addition the company is able to draw upon in-depth expertise in extracellular matrices to provide elegant solutions for studying cell motility, migration, invasion and proliferation. Widely acknowledged as experts in cell culture, AMSBIO partners with clients in tailoring cell systems to enhance screening outcomes and eventual prognosis. With a range of molecular detection reagents, and a significant Biorepository the company can also provide tissue DNA, RNA, protein and microarray products. Key research areas for these products include: Oncology, Regenerative Medicine, Environmental Analysis, Cytotoxicity Screening, Glycomics and Stem Cell Biology.

Thomas R Cox1,2, Erwin M Schoof3, Demelza Bird2, Norain Ab Latif4, Antika Agrawal4, Holly R Evans4, Iain D Huggins4, Robin MH Rumney4, Georgina Lang2, Rune Linding3, Alsion Gartland4 and Janine T Erler1,2.

1Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC), University of Copehagen, Denmark

2Cancer Research UK Tumour Cell Signalling Unit, The Institute of Cancer Researh, London, UK

3Cellular Signal Integration Group, Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark.

4The Mellanby Centre for Bone Research, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

*** Jean Albrengues1, Isabelle Bourget1, Catherine Pons1, Vincent Butet2, Sophie Tartare-Deckert3, Chloe Feral1, Guerrino Meneguzzi1 and Cedric Gaggioli1

1INSERM, U1081, CRNS, UMR7284, Institute for Research on Cancer & Aging in Nice (IRCAN), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Medical School, 28 Avenue de Valombrose, F-06107, Nice, France.

2Pathological anatomy & cytology laboratory, 270 Avenue Sainte-Marguerite, F-06200, Nice, France.

3INSERM, U1065, Mediterranean Centre for Molecular Medicine (C3M), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France.

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