Sharpe Mixers Company Brochure Provides Fluid Mixing Products And SolutionsSharpe Mixers Company Brochure Provides Fluid Mixing Products And Solutions

A comprehensive new company brochure that provides an overview of their mixing products and technology, as they relate to different fluid applica-tions, is being offered by Sharpe Mixers, Inc. of Seattle, Washington.

The Sharpe Mixers Company Brochure highlights applications and mixing technology associated with liquid-liquid, solid-liquid and gas-liquid mixing requirements and provides a broad description of the industries they service, which illustrates their breadth of experience. Specific product descriptions, construction features, impeller alternatives, accessories and options, and specialty equipment are described.

The full-color, 16-page Sharpe Mixers Company Brochure describes their M5 Portable and F-Series mixer line, all-stainless clamp & fixed mount mixers, worm- and helical gear drive and V-belt drive mixers from 1/6 to 300 HP. Top, bottom and side entry configurations are illustrated. An in-depth impeller section describes several specialized impeller designs, their construction and recommended applications, assemblies and hub options, shaft seals, shafting, bearings, and more.

Sharpe Mixers Company Brochure is available free from Sharpe Mixers, Inc. by visiting

For more information contact:

Sharpe Mixers
Fred C. DeCicco, Sales Mgr.
P.O. Box 3906
Seattle, WA 98124
(800) 237-8815 FAX (800) 767-5670

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