Thriving Whitehouse Scientific Celebrates 30 Years in Business

11 June 2013; Chester, UK: In 1983, pre-internet and in a year that saw early public access to mobile phones and the first incarnation of Microsoft Word, Dr Graham Rideal set about applying his unique scientific experience and expertise to the development of glass microsphere standards whose hallmark is absolute reliability and traceability. Thirty years on, Whitehouse Scientific is a thriving global business with a product range that encompasses the best in calibration standards and is a world leader in fields that include particle size standards, sieve calibration and filter cut point testing - an achievement that the company is celebrating throughout this 30th year.

From Left to Right: Lauren Prince, Team Leader; Graham Rideal, CEO; and Jamie Storey, Managing Director.

A far cry from the early days, Whitehouse Scientific now has a bang up to date website that allows customers the convenience of paying by credit card or through PayPal, or even using a smartphone. And the company's latest YouTube video, on sieve calibration, is breaking previous Whitehouse Scientific records with over 1000 views to date.

Today Dr Rideal is CEO of Whitehouse Scientific, which operates from commercial and laboratory facilities in Chester, UK, where it was founded and from where it continues to grow. Privately owned and family run, the company remains true to its principles of quality products and excellence in customer service. The team prides itself on being truly flexible and responsive to the changing needs of the market and of individual customers, and is able to offer a level of service and support not always feasible in larger organisations.

"Having participated in early and not entirely successful attempts by others to develop internationally accepted particle sizing standards, it was clear to me that there was a real need for a company that would specialise in the painstaking development and certification of reproducible, traceable standards," said Dr Rideal. "Initially this meant we had to design and build our own 100-stage spinning riffler to accurately and reliably fractionate the glass microspheres, so I can honestly say that we were real pioneers."

From early days in developing particle size standards and supplying general purpose glass microspheres, the Whitehouse Scientific range has expanded and the company has an established reputation as a supplier of sieve calibration standards and methodology and a large presence in filter testing across many different industrial applications.

"We have a unique offering in filter testing and are very active within the filtration industry," continued Dr Rideal. "Filtration is such an essential, and often critical, part of many industrial processes, and people turn to us increasingly to test and validate their filters. I have also been privileged to serve in various capacities with the Filtration Society and remain active in the organisation."

Whitehouse Scientific will be at a number of events throughout 2013. The team looks forward to sharing their anniversary celebrations at: Filtech 2013, Wiesbaden, Germany, 22-24 October; Filter Media 6, Media for Gas and Liquid Filtration', 5-6 November, Chester UK; and Analytica Anacon India, Mumbai, 12-14 Nov. For details of the full product range please visit

About Whitehouse Scientific

Whitehouse Scientific is a leading producer of glass microspheres for calibration and is the highest ranking European certification laboratory for primary methods of particle size analysis. The company's standards cover all particle sizing techniques including laser diffraction, Coulter methods, optical sizing, sieve calibration and image analysis. Most of these reference materials are NIST-traceable. They range in size from 0.1 micron to 5.0 millimetres and are available as single sizes or broad distribution standards. In addition, Whitehouse offers a unique calibration procedure for NIST-traceable measurement of filter apertures between 3 and 1000 microns, and also produces general purpose research grade microspheres.

Whitehouse Scientific has been producing calibration microspheres for 30 years. Founder and managing director Dr Graham Rideal is a past chairman of The Filtration Society, and is now active as its Science Correspondent. He is a member of the 'Editorial Advisory Board' for Filtration News Magazine, USA.

Company Contact:
Dr Graham Rideal, CEO
Whitehouse Scientific Ltd, Whitchurch Road, Waverton
Chester CH3 7PB, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 1244 332626; Fax: +44 (0) 1244 335098

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