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Generation Ion Chromatography Suppressor

SAN JOSE, Calif. ­ (May 9, 2013) ­ Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, introduced the Thermo Scientific Dionex ERS 500 Electrolytically Regenerated Suppressorwhich replaces the Thermo Scientific Dionex SRS 300 Self Regenerating Suppressor. The Dionex ERS 500 Suppressor minimizes dispersion to deliver higher resolution separations, especially when coupled with Thermo Scientific Dionex 4 µm based IC columns. The Dionex ERS 500 suppressor permits improved compatibility with a wider range of detection techniques including MS, ICP, ICP-MS etc. due to its improved backpressure resilience. Additionally, the Dionex ERS 500 suppressor precludes the need for periodic chemical regeneration, allowing for greater ease of use and reproducibility. Eluent suppression technology allows for a wide variety of inorganic and organic analyses for ion chromatography applications such as environmental, high purity water, semiconductor, high purity chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and process monitoring. Suppression greatly enhances signal-to-noise ratio by decreasing the background conductivity of the eluent and associated noise while simultaneously increasing analyte conductivity. The Dionex ERS 500 is an electrolytic suppressor with a new hardware design that allows the suppressor to be more pressure tolerant than previous generation suppressor devices. The suppressor flow pathway has been redesigned to optimize band dispersion and improve the flow and sealing properties.

³We invented eluent suppression years ago to help make ion chromatography a mainstream technique, said Chris Pohl, Thermo Fisher vice president, chromatography chemistry. We've never stopped striving to improve the usefulness of the technique, and this new suppressor is an example of this relentless innovation.

The Dionex ERS 500 suppressor is truly the next generation in suppression technology, significantly improving ruggedness without sacrificing performance or ease-of-use. For more information about the Dionex ERS 500 suppressor, visit

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