Argonide's Patented Electropositive Technology Embraced By DOW

Sanford, FL - Argonide Corporation, a filter manufacturer, is pleased to acknowledge the recent announcement of a collaborative effort between Dow Water & Process Solutions and Ahlstrom Advanced Filtration relative to Ahlstrom's Disruptor filter media which is under license from Argonide.

In 2006, Argonide licensed Ahlstrom to manufacture non-woven filter media using Argonide's patented NanoCeram® electropositive filtration technology. Ahlstrom's brand name for NanoCeram® technology is Disruptor...aptly named as a disruptive force in water filtration.

Designed with Disruptor filter media, Dow will develop a line of filtration devices to address drinking water needs in the point-of-use markets.

NanoCeram® is an electropositive non-woven pleated filter with an average 2-micron pore size, which is very effective at filtering sub-micron particles at high flow rates. It is used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial water purification.

In addition to primary filtration, NanoCeram® filters exhibit excellent attributes as prefilters for other systems including RO membranes, UV chambers and ion exchange beds. Extremely efficient turbidity reduction and SDI values between 0.5-1.0 provide excellent feedwater quality for such applications.

NanoCeram® filters are also used in a polishing mode to increase final feedwater quality. As part of a filtration system, this technology can further reduce contaminants such as colloidal solids, organics, virus, endotoxins and trace pharmaceuticals.

About Argonide Corporation

Founded in 1994, Argonide is a research-intensive manufacturer specializing in the development of nanofiltration product innovations providing high-performance filtration solutions based on its patented electropositive filter media. Argonide is dedicated to generating clean water through its wide range of NanoCeram® filtration products; which often results in lower operating costs while protecting/enhancing equipment performance and safeguarding the public’s health.

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