TransPRO™: a Multi-purpose Bacterial Collection and Transport System Utilizing Advanced HydraFlock® Swab Technology for Superior Specimen Recovery

Santa Maria, California, April 9, 2013: Hardy Diagnostics, an FDA licensed and ISO certified biomedical manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of TransPRO™, a Liquid Amies specimen collection and transport device designed with HydraFlock® technology for enhanced sample recovery and release.

The patented TransPRO™ HydraFlock® swab tip signifies a new era of technology, providing superior sample collection, rapid elution, and increased test sensitivity. The unique micro-structure of Hydra’s multi-length polyester fibers is designed to facilitate rapid absorption and quick release of biological specimens.

TransPRO’s™ versatility allows for collection and transport of most aerobic, anaerobic, and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours at room temperature. The system has flexibility and convenience, can be stored at room temperature before use. And used as a stand-alone product or with automated systems such as the Copan WASP™. TransPRO™ Transport Systems are compatible with molecular assays and can be used for rapid diagnostic testing, genotypic analysis (buccal cell collection), forensic evidence collection or staining procedures. The flexible 1.0mL fill can be used to run multiple test platforms from a single sample by providing up to 10 identical 100μL aliquots of liquid suspension to streamline repeat testing.

TransPRO™ Transport Systems are ready-to-use and equipped with a sterile flocked swab in a convenient peel pouch. They are available with either a flexible Mini-tip (Nasopharyngeal), Ultra Fine (Urethral) or Standard tip size. Each swab shaft is scored to assist delivery of the specimen to the liquid Amies medium. Once the shaft is broken, a unique cap-capture system locks the swab and shaft to the cap, reducing the need for additional dispensing materials or further manipulation by laboratory personnel. Each TransPRO™ Transport System utilizes a distinct cap color to easily distinguish swab type: Nasopharyngeal (green cap), Urethral (blue cap), Standard (white cap) for rapid specimen identification in the laboratory. The cap-capture feature is found on all 3 types of swabs.


Hardy Diagnostics, an FDA licensed manufacturer of medical devices for microbiological testing with an ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System. The company manufactures over 3,500 products for the culture and identification of bacteria and fungi from its California and Ohio manufacturing facilities. Headquartered in Santa Maria, CA, Hardy Diagnostics services over 8,000 laboratories throughout the nation.

The company, which is now employee owned, was founded in 1980 by Jay Hardy, a Clinical Laboratory Scientist from Santa Barbara, CA. Today, Hardy Diagnostics maintains eight distribution centers throughout the U.S. and exports products to over 30 foreign distributors.

The company’s mission is to partner with its laboratory customers to prevent and diagnose disease. For more information on products and services and a complete profile on the company’s history, visit

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