Redd&Whyte Appoints HighRes Biosolutions as New US Distributor Offering US Scientists Specialist Access to its Unique Liquid Handling Technology

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Bury St Edmunds, UK: Redd&Whyte, an expert supplier of liquid handling automation for drug discovery and life science research applications, today announced it has appointed HighRes Biosolutions, a leading developer of flexible laboratory automation systems, as US distributor for its Preddator low-volume microplate dispensers. The appointment will provide US researchers with rapid access to, and support of, unique technology for achieving consistent results and reducing assay costs, by dispensing low-volumes of difficult reagents into microplates.

Four channel Preddator system from Redd&Whyte

Under the terms of the agreement, HighRes Biosolutions will market Redd&Whyte’s Preddator range in North America. The versatile Preddator, which can dispense viscous liquids including gels, cell suspensions and DMSO in any microplate format from 96-3456 wells, will be integrated into HighRes’ patented MicroDock technology. This will allow scientists to easily add and remove the Preddator from HighRes’ automated assay preparation and screening systems.

Redd&Whyte chose HighRes to market its equipment in North America because the firm is respected for its modular design of versatile laboratory automation and specialist knowledge of integrating state-of-the-art liquid handlers into their systems. HighRes also has a large network of life science specialists across the USA, who will provide further information on integrated solutions that include the Preddator system.

Roger Poole, Managing Director of Redd&Whyte commented: "Recently, we have had great success in the North American market with our Preddator system and are delighted to have HighRes Biosolutions as our new distribution partner to support this growth.”

Poole added: “HighRes is a first-rate company, with an excellent reputation for its versatile approach to integrating only the best low-volume liquid handlers into their systems. Our unique, flexible low-volume microplate dispensing technology will perfectly complement the products HighRes provides so we’re excited to have them offering Preddator as part of their portfolio.”

About Redd&Whyte

Redd&Whyte provides advanced automated liquid handling technologies to improve productivity in drug discovery and life science research applications. Additionally, the company provides a range of custom automation solutions for dispensing difficult to pipette liquids for high-throughput screening applications.

Redd&Whyte is privately-owned and was founded in 2002. The company has headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, UK and its high-quality systems including its premier automated microplate dispenser, Preddator are produced in state-of-the-art-manufacturing facilities in the UK.
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About HighRes Biosolutions

HighRes Biosolutions, Inc. ( is the leader in the design and construction of innovative robotic systems and laboratory devices used by pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research laboratories. HighRes helps scientists accelerate research areas including drug discovery, high-throughput genotyping, siRNA screening, next-generation sequencing sample prep, biorepository science and molecular diagnostics. HighRes offers highly flexible, expandable and modular integrated systems and bench-top devices that are easily configured (and reconfigured) for fast-paced, dynamic laboratories.

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HighRes Biosolutions
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