Automated Oil Evaporator System for Shale Oil

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JM Science’s AQUACOUNTER® AQL-22320 Automated Oil Evaporator System is an automated Karl Fischer Titrator System consisting of the AQ-2200 (coulometric titrator) and the EV-2000L (oil evaporator) units. This KF Titration System has been designed for analyzing moisture in difficult samples such as shale oil crude oil, grease, heavy lubricants, other oils and other difficult samples. Using an azeotropic distillation solvent like toluene or xylene, moisture can be evaporated at a lower temperature thus saving on expensive Karl Fisher reagents and lower maintenance costs since the titration cell remains clean and free of contaminants. This automated system allows the analyst to load the samples into the glass vials and then place the glass vials on the sample tray of the system. The operator only needs to push the “start” button once to begin the analyses.

The sample changer holds up to 20 vials and can process large numbers of samples. It is equipped with the Automatic KF reagent exchanging function reducing the cost of KF reagent and waste disposal. Heat samples up to 200ºC. and automate the addition of the azeotropic solvent easily. Wide temperature settings cover the full range of azeotropic points.

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