Avacta launches application-focused Optim® 2

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Avacta Analytical, a leading provider of analytical services and technologies, has unveiled the Optim® 2 micro­volume protein analysis and characterisation instrument. This compact and robust system combines the powerful protein characterisation capabilities of the original Optim 1000 instrument with a new, application-oriented software package designed to increase throughput and functionality. The newly developed system, which has a greatly reduced footprint, features an enhanced sample positioning system to offer even greater measurement accuracy and reproducibility, and has been designed to simplify servicing and maintenance for maximum uptime.

The Optim 1000 was developed to reduce the time and cost of therapeutic protein formulation studies and protein stability testing by offering simultaneous measurement of a range of protein stability indicating parameters, including unfolding transition temperature (Tm) and aggregation onset temperature (Tagg). The Optim 2 system builds on the success of this instrument, providing greater functionality and measurement flexibility in a more user-oriented, application-focused package.

The Optim 2’s intuitive control software has been developed around common protein development workflows, offering quick and easy access to a range of pre-programmed measurement types for faster method development. This is combined with a powerful and easy-­to-use analytical package – which is also compatible with the Optim 1000 – to provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for stability screening of candidate molecules or formulations much earlier in the development process.

For more information, visit www.avactaanalytical.com

About Avacta Analytical

Avacta Analytical provides services and innovative instrumentation to the biopharmaceutical market. Our focus is to equip customers with a broad range of capabilities, enabling them to develop their therapeutics quicker, cheaper and better. The groundbreaking Optim 2 instrument combines the powerful analytical capabilities of fluorescence and static light scattering technologies to provide valuable new insights. Our services business specialises in supporting characterisation, formulation, comparability and stability studies of therapeutic proteins. We are able to draw upon a wide range of analytical capabilities and aim to give our customers a flexible value-added service. Avacta Analytical is an ISO 9001 2008 registered company.

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