Alcor Intelligent Heater Tubes® Now Comply With ASTM D3241

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Now receive traceable, accurate, and secure jet fuel thermal oxidation testing results in full compliance

Houston, TX., USA – January 23, 2013 – ASTM recently published its latest version of the ASTM D3241-12, “Standard Test Method for Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels,” which now states that heater tubes that electronically store data directly on them are in compliance with the standard.

Building upon years of experience in the field, Alcor by PAC recently developed the Intelligent Heater Tube TM (IHT) to provide better traceability and security of jet thermal oxidation testing results. The IHT uses a RFID (radio-frequency identification device) to electronically store information, including the deposit rating and the differential pressure curve, from the JFTOT test. The same accurate technology used for the traditional Alcor heater tubes is enhanced since the IHT electronically stores all the important data from Alcor’s JFTOT® instruments directly onto the heater tube. Alcor by PAC is the known leader in jet thermal oxidation testing with over 30 years of experience manufacturing heater tubes and 40 years manufacturing jet fuel thermal oxidation analyzers.

“Traditionally, archiving data meant keeping heater tubes and data transcripts separate, which can create issues since quality audits require matching the data with the heater tubes used in the analysis,” says Larry Spino, PAC Jet Fuels Applications Product Manager. “With the IHT, our customers can now easily store results directly with the heater tube.. This keeps tube and results data together, which ensures accuracy and traceability while reducing any unnecessary time researching results for an audit.”

About PAC

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