Labsmith And Fluigent Join Forces

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Livermore, CA (January 22, 2013) – Two leading microfluidic instrument manufactures are partnering to provide seamless access to an expansive range of tools for electrokinetic and electrophoretic experiments. Fluigent, headquartered in Paris, France, is a microfluidic flow control and fluid handling expert. LabSmith Inc., based in Livermore, California, offers a wide range of tools for innovative laboratory electronic and microfluidic solutions.

The LabSmith HVS448 Eight Channel High Voltage Sequencer with Sequence™ software (left) combined with the Fluigent MFCS™ (Microfluidic Flow Control System and Electrowell) (right) for sample introduction is where modular design for innovation meets confident control for reproducible results – from proof-of-concept to prototype. A high resolution version of this picture is enclosed.

LabSmith and Fluigent join forces in the promotion of a microfluidic voltage control platform composed of LabSmith’s HVS448 Eight Channel High Voltage Sequencer and Fluigent’s MFCSTM (Microfluidic Flow Control System) and Electrowell device. Promotion of this tool combination highlights a simplified automated platform for the control of fluids and voltage in a microfluidic set-up.

“Combining the HVS448, MFCSTM and Electrowell systems will provide customers with a combined microfluidic solution for precise fluid and voltage control,” explains Fluigent CEO Franҫois Leblanc. LabSmith President and CEO, Kirsten Pace, agrees, stating, “The approach promoted by LabSmith and Fluigent will be useful for many lab-on-a-chip electrokinetic and electrophoretic applications in R&D laboratories.”

Fluigent and LabSmith plan to leverage their technical expertise and market experience to offer products that can be easily integrated into any microfluidics experiments for R&D laboratories and industrial applications.

About LabSmith, Inc.

LabSmith, Inc. builds laboratory tools that further the art of research. LabSmith products control all aspects of experimentation, including timing, synchronization, high voltage and current sourcing, fluid routing and event capture and visualization. Visit

About Fluigent

Fluigent develops, manufactures and commercializes innovative microfluidic flow control and fluid handling solutions for laboratories, research units and industry around the world. Enabling full control of microfluidic systems (pressure, flow rate and voltage), Fluigent technologies provides innovating solutions for all microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip applications.


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