Paul De Jean Joins Precision X-Ray as Project Manager

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Newly created position will oversee product development and application support for X-RAD 225Cx small animal image guided radiotherapy system

NORTH BRANFORD, Conn. (November 26, 2012) –  Precision X-Ray Inc. (PXi), the leader in biological specimen cabinet irradiators and radiation research systems, announced today that Paul De Jean has joined the company’s new product development team. As Project Manager, Image Guided Systems, De Jean will lead new product development and customer support for PXi’s X-RAD 225Cx small animal image guided radiotherapy system.

“Paul’s expertise is in medical biophysics and image guided radiotherapy research, and he will be a valuable asset to our sophisticated customer base,” said Peter Rowland, vice president and director of research and development, Precision X-Ray. “We also are confident that Paul’s experience will play a vital role in our success as we continue to expand globally.”

“Throughout my research career I’ve become quite familiar with the needs of researchers and the level of technical support required to work through complex experiments, and in my mind, the next logical step in my career was to go from managing projects and research in one academic setting to applying my expertise over a wider array of projects globally,” said De Jean. “Further, I have the experience of working in collaboration with PXi and the X-RAD 225Cx in my previous position, and I will be able to immediately apply this experience on behalf of PXi’s prospects and existing customers.”

Prior to joining PXi, De Jean was the Guided Therapeutics Project Manager at Techna Research Institute in Toronto, Canada. He also performed the role of research associate at the University Health Network in Toronto and worked on image quality optimization in the cone beam CT module of the image-guided irradiation systems. He has previously worked as a research scientist at Johns Hopkins University, where he studied dual energy projection chest radiography and the application of cone-beam CT imaging for diagnosis of extremities injuries.

“The X-RAD 225Cx really is the future of preclinical research because of its precise radiation control,” added De Jean. “This is the device that will continue to establish PXi as the industry leader and it was one of the primary reasons I was interested in joining the company. “

De Jean holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, and a Master of Science degree in Medical Biophysics from the University of Western Ontario, where he did advanced research on 3D ultrasound-guided breast cancer therapy.

About Precision X-Ray

North Branford, CT-based Precision X-Ray (PXi) is the leader in small-animal cabinet irradiators and radiotherapy research systems worldwide. PXi provides easy-to-operate, reliable, safe and cost-effective X-ray imaging and X-ray irradiation systems for applications in translational, industrial, and pharmaceutical research. The company actively develops new applications in these markets and designs new equipment to meet customer applications needs.

Customers of Precision X-Ray include prestigious hospitals, medical schools, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government and major independent research facilities around the globe. For more information, please visit or call 203.484.2011.

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