PEF Plant Cell Extraction Requires Less Energy Than Cooking

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13 Nov 2012: A new cost-effective, low-energy PEF (pulsed electric field) process for the extraction of intracellular materials from algae and other vegetable or organic matter for bio-refining and wastewater pre-digestion has been introduced by Diversified Technologies, Inc. of Bedford, Massachusetts.

Diversified Technologies’ PowerMod™ PEF System for the extraction of intra- cellular materials from a biomass pumped in slurry features a chemical-free, non-thermal process using less energy than cooking. Applying 1 to 40 kV/cm high voltage pulses for 2 to 20 microseconds, this solid-state system breaks cell membranes and releases intracellular materials to the surrounding solution at about 10% of the cost of a thermal process, claims the firm.

Consisting of a high voltage pulse modulator, power supply, and treatment chamber, Diversified Technologies’ PowerMod™ PEF System is capable of up to 40 kl/hour throughput. Providing simple, push-button operation, this compact unit is 4 ft. tall and requires low maintenance. Applications include any biomass in slurry or other pumpable liquid.

Diversified Technologies’ PowerMod™ PEF System for plant cell extraction is priced from $500,000.00, depending upon configuration.

For more information contact:
Diversified Technologies, Inc.
Michael A. Kempkes, VP of Marketing
35 Wiggins Ave.
Bedford, MA 01730-2345
(781) 275-9444 x211 FAX (781) 275-6081

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